Dangerous Games, the ongoing reforms on seed legislation and NBT (TEA).

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It has taken 10 years to return to see an attempt by European institutions to reform seed legislation.

It has recently been postponed until the end of June for the European Commission to publish its reform proposal. Publication should provide an opportunity for comments and proposed amendments in the subsequent approval process.

On May 31, a large group of organizations sent a letter with some key recommendations to the commissioners involved.

We refer you to reading thearticle on the website of Rural Seeds Network, among the signatories to the letter. Find the Italian version at the bottom of this page for easier reading.

The new GMOs (TEA)

Deregulation of the industry is loudly invoked by agribusiness champions and large parts of the biotech research world. On the other hand, the recent decision of the European Court of Justice (Feb. 7) confirms that plants produced with TEAs still fall under the 2001 GMO directive. This decision complements the message that the European Environment Council sent to the Commission to reiterate the urgency of NOT deregulating the products of these techniques.

The Italian Parliament did not wait for the decisions of the European summits and is working on three bills. In recent days, a regulation included in the drought decree opens up open-field research and experimentation of plants produced through TEAs .


we refer you toRiccardo Bocci’s article in Altreconomia and the press release of the GMO-Free Italy Coalition, which calls for the withdrawal of the amendment.

In the meantime, a letter of formal notice was also sent to the European Commission signed by numerous associations and private citizens “to comply with the application of the judgments of the European Court of Justice by permanently banning all GMO, NBT, TEA techniques and cisgenesis products…”

Saturday, June 10, during the event Coltiviamo La Diversità c/o the Azienda dei F..lli Floriddia in Peccioli is scheduled to hold the workshop

“The ongoing seed reform in Europe and the new GMOs (NGT-TEA). Where are we going?” organized by Rural Seed Network to which all “souls” of the movement in opposition to NBT/TEA were invited.

The Italian translation of the letter to the Commission.

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