5X1000 for WWOOF Italia

Assigning 5X1000 to WWOOF Italy APS is a simple gesture

by | Jul 31, 2023 | Associative life, Messages from the Association

A little attention to the health of our projects

Final tax return filing deadlines are approaching

You can support WWOOF Italy’s project activities, even if you do not have a declaration obligation, by using the appropriate form attached to the CUD.

WWOOF Italy fortunately enjoys excellent health.

In recent years we have invested in solidarity sharing to the birth and development of the common platform that by now renders a useful service to almost all WWOOF organizations in the world: we have created a space of recognizability not only of image but above all of imagery by discussing and finding excellent mediations between realities that, while respecting each other’s differences, have learned to recognize themselves in shared values. The investment has now returned: the payoff lies in the benefit of being part of the growth of community spirit.

The highly anticipated assembly scheduled for September in Canada will enshrine the new era of the movement no longer parceled out into dozens of realities that could hardly dialogue.

In the meantime, the crisis dictated by the lock down has also been overcome-a difficult time to be sure, but one that has in some ways demonstrated the need for choices and lifestyles different from what liberalist globalization has charted in recent decades. Instead of stopping, the flow of people who aspire to “touch” the daily routine of rural life is significantly increasing.

We have been able to support projects of members and friends with financial contributions that are certainly not significant but useful, too, to grow ideas and a spirit of belonging to a widespread community.

Agroecological practices thus find a showcase that can provide space for mutual contamination.

Let us multiply our efforts to also act in training on biodiverse practices that go beyond healthy food production to look up at the balance of land and landscape, leaving more room for interaction between cultivated and wild spaces.

A flourishing of initiatives on which we want to intensify attention, support, accompaniment and dissemination. It is to encourage this blossoming that we ask you to designate WWOOF Italy APS as a 5×1000 grantee .
Even if you are not required to file a tax return, you can do so through the form attached to the CUD.

How to allocate the 5 per thousand?

Individuals may indicate in their tax returns, the tax code 92067640497 of WWOOF Italia APS and thus allocate 5 per thousand of their taxes for association activities managed directly by WWOOF Italia.

Where to indicate the choice

Taxpayers can allocate their share of 5 per thousand of their personal income tax (Irpef) by signing in one of the five special boxes that appear on the declaration forms (Unico PF Form, 730 Form, or special form attached to the CUD for all those who are exempt from the obligation to submit the declaration) specially prepared for nonprofit organizations with social utility, entering in the space below the tax code of the association: 92067640497


Pubblicato da Claudio per WWOOF Italia

Nello Staff di WWOOF Italia mi occupo fra le altre cose di comunicazione. Se hai notizie di iniziative o progetti da pubblicare contattami all'indirizzo claudio.pozzi@wwoof.it o chiama al 3510810820


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Rassecale, the story

At Rassecale (Mirabella Eclano, AV) we were welcomed by a young community, now undergoing renovation but still with many projects to come: Marco and Pauline are running their wonderful vegetable garden, Marina has moved from Spain to help with the animals. Arrived here as a WWOOFer, her story is a testimonial of how impactful our association can be on agricultural practice and people’s life.