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Keys to the way of thinking about and engaging with nature

Giannozzo Pucci relaunches his work as a radical and visionary editor with a special issue of the Italian edition of the Ecologist: a monograph devoted to “The New Peasant Agriculture – The Dawn of Rebirth for the he Earth.”

Never tame, Giannozzo renews his anathema against conventional agriculture: “it’s not agriculture! it’s open-air industry,” he strongly attacks , “agriculture is something else, it does not conflict with nature but is its friend.”

After all, what could we expect from those who introduced us to Fukuoka’s natural farming and Bill Mollison’s permaculture? The strong conviction of those who contributed to the founding of “La Fierucola del Pane” and A.S.C.I. is not without solid experiential and theoretical foundations, but above all, it is self-regenerating: a few pauses in which they seemingly detach themselves from the world and then return by relaunching a new and increasingly acute vision.

It is precisely in this direction that the recent venture of the Center for the Study of New Peasant Agriculture goes, as of today domiciled at the headquarters of LEF, the historic publishing house but which may soon find new horizons; in the meantime, it starts with a concrete initiative urgently projected into the future: “We will not have a future unless we defend ourselves against the aberrations of agribusiness, certainly not the only one but among the main causes of biodiversity loss and climate disruption.” and then open the door to young people by launching a training cycle with prestigious faculty. Fundamentals and Practices of Peasant Agro-ecology is the title of the course convened in Settignano (FI) between Sept. 30 and Oct. 4 next.

A lucid impetus, consistent with long and consistent pacifist militancy, even as it was sustained by faith, despite everything, in humanity’s capacity for redemption.

This is evidenced by the words of Vandana Shiva chosen by Giannozzo to introduce the Ecologist volume

When millions of heads, hearts and hands resonate, new possibilities arise…the impossible becomes possible, the certainty of collapse becomes the possibility of return…a family on earth.”


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