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The solution is to sow

by | Jul 31, 2023 | from our networks

An interesting contribution to reflection from “Educational Territories”

If you have never had a chance to explore the Municipality-info blog and in particular the “Educational Territories” section, do not miss this opportunity to do so.

What we present today is one of the many jewels you can find by exploring those pages.

“Juan, a Colombian friend, told me a long time ago that the solution to everything is to sow seeds. He was not only referring to the fact that that is the solution to curb the heat a little bit by getting shade and moisture, and that that is the best way to get food. He was also thinking about the fact that sowing seeds is the solution to measuring oneself against haste and understanding what it means to care for someone or something.

That sentence of Juan’s I understood long after I heard it, while breaking up clods of earth with my hands. We were told that by doing this the air could circulate and help the seeds and plants we would put in the garden grow better.

As you break the clods for the earth to breathe, you feel the lack of haste, you understand that the pace at which nature moves is quite different from that of anything that moves by burning gasoline. And that then there is time to wonder how things are going, to think about what’s been on your mind for so long, to ask yourself where it makes the most sense for you to invest your time in this climate chaos scenario. Because it is not raining. And you know why it doesn’t rain. And you know that without water nothing grows. And think about Juan’s words.”

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