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Two more people in the perspective of a community cooperative

We created our farm in the Alessandria area, in the mountain community of Upper Val Lemme and Upper Ovadese, in the municipality of Franconalto, on land that had been abandoned for more than sixty years.

In addition to vegetable production, today we are dedicated to our six Tortonese mountain cows and our seventy pasture-raised goats. We produce cheese of the highest quality, following the procedure of raw milk preparation, and have also recently introduced cow’s cheese production. We have a fully equipped dairy, a milking parlor of about 200 square meters and five cold rooms.

There is no shortage of space here and no shortage of ideas either, which is why we would like to form a larger working group with which to share the area and start the company well.


Since March we have started with Elena and Luca who are in charge of communication and vegetable garden respectively, but we are still looking for two more people, also because we are in the mountains, where everything is more difficult; despite the many equipment we have, much of the work is still done by hand.

Ideally, we would form a community cooperative to manage the farm. We are not looking for equity partners, but “working partners”-Andrea and I are the first two, now we need the others. The intent is to share the work with more people, so that of the cooperative seems to us to be the most suitable formula both for us and for this place.

Compared to when we started, we have done so much and have the potential to be able to keep several people interested and motivated to get this project started and running with us. Serious people are needed, though.

It is a special and challenging job, life-changing, involving you, but as in all things it takes seriousness.


To complete the group, right now we are looking for someone to process the garden produce.

We are in the middle of the business and the plants are very productive, so we need a person who can give new life to unsold products. In addition, we have a processing room with all the machinery to make fresh pasta, a project we have been wanting to start for some time.
The person we are looking for will have the opportunity to work in the kitchen without the stressful pace of catering. We are not looking for someone with great experience in the field, but someone who knows how to use hands and head to take care of the self-produced raw materials.


The second figure we need is a groom or stable girl.

We are willing to teach everything we have learned about animals over the years to a person who has the inclination (and dedication!) to work with goats, cows and, of course, our eight Maremma Shepherds as well. There is a need to take the animals to pasture, keep the barn clean, milk and so on.


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