RE.SEEDING – by Soffi di Terra

by | Aug 23, 2023 | Featured News, from our networks, On the Ground

mapping and support project for small-scale farmers affected by the flood.

SOFFIDITERRA, an association in Romagna, has started an initiative to support small farms that have always taken care of the land with care and respect and that have been damaged by the flood, mud, water and landslides after the frost and hailstorms of the previous weeks.

We gladly give space to the commendable initiative of Breaths of Earth on our blog.

“No one talks about it anymore as if passing time can erase our history. The mud and the transformation of our hills has changed the morphology of the Romagnolo landscape and our more interior and spiritual morphology.”

Help us to help. Spread this appeal

A mapping activity is underway.

you can make a contribution to supplement the current map by pointing out other flooded small farms and farmsteads to soffiditerra@gmail.com

🎁 You can make a donation on the iban of Blows of Earth.

IT51Q05018024000011652211 Reason: “Liberal disbursement in support of flooded farmers”

Our intent is to connect with the identified realities, understand the needs and build a network so that they can still act for the good of the community, in contact with the Earth

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