The 2023 fall planting campaign closes on October 26.

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Find out how to request seeds!

If you would like to participate in the fall 2023 planting campaign.

The catalog of varieties and populations that we are making available this year is the result of the work of the Seed House of Rural Seed Network, which since April 2019 has found its home in the new Scandicci location. We return to emphasize that Let’s Cultivate Diversity! Seed campaign is a collective and horizontal path of knowledge and skills growth, not secondary to the growth of seed availability in the territory . A division of labor and assumption of responsibility by farmers and enthusiasts willing to get involved is essential.

The activities of Rural Seeds Network on Agro-Biodiversity have always involved many members of WWOOF Italy, which is one of the first associations to join the Network.

Let’s Free Diversity is one of the initiatives that allow thousands of researchers, farmers, processors and “eaters” to participate each year during stops on experimental, multiplication and production fields.

The first dynamic diversity conservation activities were those that put seeds of local varieties of hard and soft wheat and other autumn-winter cereals back into circulation and safety.

Rural Seeds Network has moved quickly from conservation to innovation and with a series of projects has involved farmers in the study and reproduction of evolutionary populations, recently recognized by seed legislation as “heterogeneous material,” but at the same time has opened other “fronts” with work on tomatoes, corn, rice, soybeans and more.

Today Rural Seeds Network counts among its members more than 30 associations, is increasingly present in lobbying activities on farmers’ rights, collaborates more and more actively with Universities and Institutions sensitive to the issues and practices of Agroecological Transition, and joins European and International Networks that strengthen its representativeness and potential for exchange.

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