Let’s create successful WWOOFing experiences for WWOOFers traveling with their dogs: a free online course IN ITALIAN

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dogs animal harmonies

A project dedicated to the harmonious coexistence of WOOFers’ dogs and the animals present at Host farms.

More and more WWOOFers are traveling accompanied by their dogs: a companionship and affection in their daily lives that cannot be separated at the time of travel. As a result, more and more requests are being received by hosts from members asking to be housed together with their four-legged friend. Hosts not infrequently end up not accepting this kind of request, concerned about interaction with the animals already on the farm: will the WWOOFer’s dog get along with mine? Will it be polite not to raid my chicken coop? Will it perhaps be aggressive with humans, or with children? Legitimate questions and doubts that should be answered with certainty before starting a WWOOFing relationship.

dogs animal harmonies

Animal Harmonies, a friendly association

There are experts who, working in the field of dog education on a daily basis, can give us valuable advice on how to set up these relationships and avoid having to give up the experience or face negative consequences if the visit is not properly prepared. Thus was born the idea of having Francesco Scagliotti (a member of Armonie animali, an association with which WWOOF Italy already has several collaborations under its belt) accompany us to give both hosts and WWOOFers useful tools to make coexistence not only possible, but also enjoyable.

The program

The course will be held online, the scheduled dates being Dec. 1, 6, 14 and 21, from 6 to 8 p.m. You can see details of the topics covered in the different appointments here . However, as this is the first proposal for this type of project, the program may vary according to participants’ requests. The course is free and aimed at WWOOF Italy members, with a maximum number of 15 participants. To ensure continuity of the course, attendance at all meetings is requested as far as possible: however, a link will be sent to participants where they can review the recording of the previous meeting, so that they can then safely attend the others. The day before the meeting, the link to connect to in order to participate will be sent.

On Thursday, November 16 at 9 p.m ., lecturer Francesco Scagliotti will introduce the course and talk about the collaboration between WWOOF Italy and Armonie Animali.

Sign up now!

Fill out the form to be eligible to participate. N.B. THE COURSE IS HELD IN ITALIAN LANGUAGE. Please sign up only if you speak Italian currently. Receive all information via e-mail.


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