goats grazing

To WWOOF Italy hosts: Marines seek shepherdess to revive her farm

by | May 31, 2024 | Classifieds, Houses and Plots of Land, job requests and offers

goats grazing

Dear🌱 Host, I know you have a lot to do at this time, but I have one simple and short thing to tell you: I am looking for one, two women either already a pastor or who want to become one and are looking for a home and land.

If among your Wwoofers you had recognized someone particularly motivated, responsible, and perhaps with ability to express their own needs and limitations, here I kindly ask if you can put us in touch either by giving them my contact information or by giving me their .
I have 30 acres of Apennines and half an unused house, including barn and stables since I am retired and my partner passed away; I would like to revive this piece of paradise with the animals that have been one of the best experiences of life for me.
With a grateful heart I wish you all the best.

you can write me a message on my profile host: https://wwoof.it/it/host/14959


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