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Vittorio seeks housesitter

by | May 31, 2024 | Classifieds, job requests and offers

victorio sicilia

I would like to kindly offer one, maximum two people, a vacation of at least 10- 12 days on my farm in Sicily near PIAZZA ARMERINA (EN).
The reason is that our longtime family group rented a large house in Marzamemi for the period from June 6 to June 12. My problem is due to the fact that the distance from my company to the meeting place is approximately130 km and driving up and down morning and evening is impractical: so I decided to appeal to the wide audience of the association hoping to find those who would be interested.
Assuming that my farm is 3 hectares and is in a beautiful place (I am not exaggerating), surrounded by lush nature, my house is small but comfortable with various possibilities.
It is surrounded by an orchard, there is a large vegetable garden synergistic. There Are four cats and a black dog called Nero. Those who would eventually come all the way here would find themselves feeding them, and it would be best to z for at least 3 days with the various aspects of the situation. There are within a 10-minute walk my friends and neighbors in Zurich who would take care of you if needed.
I would leave on June 6, and I will and will keep you informed, and we will definitely make a bet with a small group of family members.
If I have omitted anything let me know: my phone number is: VITTORIO 3687041944
See you soon.

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victorio sicilia

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victorio sicilia