capre (goats)

Caprine genealogies – Cortona (AR)

Caprine genealogies – Cortona (AR)

“Goat genealogies” tells of the family and personal ties that exist, are created and broken down within a herd of goats.

The main themes are the dynamics of competition, aggression, revenge, solidarity, affection, respect, fear and courage.

Dynamics recognizable and translatable into a human ethological code.

Observing the flock gives rise to reflections on human behavior, generates empathy, feeds curiosity, nourishes the narrative thread.

Stories of mothers and daughters, sisters, cousins, friends and enemies.

Female stories.

The story of births, lives, vicissitudes, illnesses and deaths leads the actress to tell about life in a broad sense.

The viewer can recognize events that characterize his existence, identify himself with the character of an animal and marvel at life, which with its formulas, unites everyone.

Capre e Cesti: putting our idea into action

Capre e Cesti: putting our idea into action

The project revolves around the idea of reorganising a cheese production trade, which was started 10 years ago with a few goats (presently a herd of 60) by Attilio, a native of the village of Tufillo. The Fattoria Fonte Trocchi is collaborating trough the purchase of 2/3 of the goats and is contributing with two new workers (Federica and Tullio) and occasionally other participants such as woofers and potential new workers on trial. We will collaborate with the Corpo Forestale (Forestry Department) to determine the areas of woodland and scrubland where firebreaks can be created through goat grazing, with Saverio Danubio, a biotechnologist, for the management of the goat manure in an insect-composting plant, and with local farmers for hay and oat supplies during periods when grazing is not sufficient.