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Capre e Cesti: putting our idea into action

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Crescono Con Noi 2021

first a brief background regarding route that led Federica to sign up to the call for projects WWOOF Italia application form. In January we published an appeal on these very pages “Come and live in Tufillo!” a well structured and captivating invitation to participate in the growth of a small community: the economic sustainability of the venture for newcomers would be based mainly on tending the goat herd and processing the cheese.

Follow me!

It was precisely at that very time that the call for projects to compete for financial support from WWOOF Italy was issued.

Federica fills in the form and explains:

The project revolves around the idea of reorganising a cheese production trade, which was started 10 years ago with a few goats (presently a herd of 60) by Attilio, a native of the village of Tufillo. The Fattoria Fonte Trocchi is collaborating trough the purchase of 2/3 of the goats and is contributing with two new workers (Federica and Tullio) and occasionally other participants such as woofers and potential new workers on trial. We will collaborate with the Corpo Forestale (Forestry Department) to determine the areas of woodland and scrubland where firebreaks can be created through goat grazing, with Saverio Danubio, a biotechnologist, for the management of the goat manure in an insect-composting plant, and with local farmers for hay and oat supplies during periods when grazing is not sufficient.

Atttilio’s cheese and baskets

Federica draws up a project master plan

2022: – purchase of a new milking machine – the tiling of the future cheesemaking laboratory, new cheese vat – construction of a shed for the hay in front of the barn. 2023: – incrementation of goats – specialised equipment for making yoghurt and ice cream – manure composting facility. 2024: – employing 1-2 more workers – intensification of grazing to more distant areas where new firebreaks can be created.

looking ahead, and also thanks to the support of WWOOF Italia, we aim to expand the agro-sylvo-pastoral system created over the last three years, with the ensuing expansion of the milk processing laboratory, planting hedges of thorny shrubs (marruca, hawthorn) along the borders of the arable land to facilitate the rotation between grazing and cultivation; at the same time, the hedges would help make the wild boar’s migrations more manageable. Another objective is the creation of water retention landscapes in cooperation with local farmers.

Tasty hedges

But things don’t always turn out the way they were planned:

Before long, Attilio and Tullio sold their share of the herd and left the project, which today rests on the shoulders of Federica alone, who is determined not to give in because she has fallen in love with the job and believes in the reasons that have brought her this far.

While waiting to be joined by a couple of her friends willing to work together with her on the project, Federica is thinking about the necessary adjustments: if all goes well, the new dairy to be tiled will be replaced by a mobile dairy.

Fonte Trocchi’s project has undoubtedly advanced a considerable amount since we had the opportunity to learn about it in one of the episodes of Transumanza Tour . Federica and Nicolas will continue to amaze us. In the meantime, don’t miss the Tufillo Flysh Festival!

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