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From 10 January additional restrictions for travellers

by | Mar 5, 2022 | Messages from the Association

The recent government decree establishes further restrictions on access to transport, including local transport, as of Monday 10 January.

It will no longer be possible to use public transport without having an enhanced Green Pass. It will therefore not be enough to have a negative swab: you will have to be up to date with your vaccination schedule or be healed.

More specifically, regarding  WWOOFing activities, there are no changes: Government regulations require volunteers to be in possession of a green pass (also as a swab) in order to work. A few more complications for people over 50 who are obliged to have their vaccinations.

No problems so far with hospitality between members. Trust, clarity and mutual respect remain essential for sound relationships. The previous information in the NL of 4 December remains valid.

As for provisions for people wishing to cross the border, it is advisable to consult these sites:

Covid 19 Travellers for those arriving from another country About Travelling Safely for those who want to travel abroad from Italy.

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greenpass trasport