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Le Campate: a permacultural project

by | Apr 16, 2022 | On the Ground, Our members, Projects of WWOOF Italy

Growing with us 2021

At Le Campate, a place of women for women and a laboratory of matriarchal coexistence, the evident correspondence between the principles of permaculture and the matriarchal approach lays the groundwork for completing the path to the diploma of designer and for contributing to the improvement of the place.

Le Campate participated in the “Growing with Us” call for proposals

This project is the realization of the active learning path to become a Permaculture designer. The intent is to support the farming activities that are already present in “Le Campate” to get closer to self-sufficiency, so we will create an irrigation system for the garden, the introduction of bees, the creation of an orchard and the integration of crops in the olive grove inspired by a management model of a food forest. We will provide for the regeneration of the soil, the improvement of biodiversity, the prevention of erosion, the recovery and infiltration of water, the protection of bees and pollinating insects.

We are thinking of a system that will be long-lasting and that will only need routine maintenance for its management; in case this goal is not achieved in the 3 years of support of the call “Crescono con noi” the work will continue until it is fully achieved. In parallel, we will take advantage of the experience and knowledge gained to support the creation of similar projects in other places through seminars.

The new terraces

First of all we will deal with the creation of the irrigation system of the garden through the restoration of a tank (19 m x 6 m) for the collection of rainwater and the installation of beehives by integrating additional species of honey plants into the cultivation system. We will then proceed to the planting of the orchard/food forest integrating crops in the olive grove and the completion and consolidation of the work for the irrigation system. The last phase will be dedicated to the maintenance of the works started in previous years and the sharing of knowledge acquired through the social network of the Campate: we are a cultural model by choice of life and we like that our elaborations and experimentations can be of inspiration to anyone who comes in contact with our reality. Therefore, among the beneficiaries, in addition to all the animated biosphere of the place, we also include the volunteers, members, travelers and residents who will live at the Campate and all the people who, visiting us, will be inspired by the project itself.

The main farming activities at Le Campate are permaculture design, synergistic horticulture, regenerative and subsistence agriculture, agroforestry and the production of processed products: a design reality that promotes the empowerment of women and a renewed connection with the Earth, through contact with the world of peasantry, its rhythms and cycles; from this individual-collective work we can nurture and recreate this peaceful coexistence between peoples. On a social level we aim to create a series of relationships (both local and non-local) that will support each other and help in the maintenance of what will be realized during the project and in their own realities; from the environmental point of view we aim to make the system more resilient and regenerate the territory through a careful planning of resources.


During the course of the project’s development, there will be scheduled times of shared work/creation of educational workshops/openings of the site to permaculturists/caregivers, educators/educators (for children) who can use the project as an experimental model of practice and teaching.


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