The new platform speaks your language

by | Jul 16, 2022 | Associative life, Messages from the Association

The registration process and communication between members will be clearer and simpler.

From 18 July it will be possible to access the site in multiple languages (currently Italian. English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Greek, Hungarian, Dutch and several more). Everyone may read the information and membership pages in their own language. The profiles will also be in multiple languages with the exception of the description page and of some specific information for individual countries. Ours will be managed on the pages of whilst maintaining the traditional Italian/English dual language.

A further step towards collaboration between organisations is brought about through FoWO’s valuable low key parallel involvement.

two aspects must be taken into account during the migrating to the new platform:

The first time you log in to the new platform, your password will have to be reset.
Follow the instructions

The migration to the new platform will not memorise your “MY FAVOURITES” list therefore if you have a list of preferred hosts, please make a note of them for your future use.

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