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how to choose a host on the website

Once you have activated the “date” filter it is recommended to activate additional filters with by using the button located to the right of the bar on which we selected the dates.

Once the filter page is open, it is a good idea to first select a few activities of primary interest. In this case we tried “vegetable garden”

a further filter may be the location of the host: someone will use this function to find an opportunity close to home and establish a lasting relationship, others will choose an area that for some reason they want to visit

it is also possible to not choose a host’s location and to follow other criteria: types of agricultural techniques used, professional activity rather than self-production, the community rather than the family and so on.

Once you have decided that you want to go to a host in the province of Florence that has a vegetable garden (we find 18 available on the chosen dates) we can look into other aspects

for example, how many WWOOFers the hosts are willing to host and and if we can find reviews from other WWOOFers who have been there.

Search for Flexible Dates

It is always possible to carry out a search by favouring other criteria with respect to the availability period of the Hosts because we do not base our search on a time limit: in this case it is best to take a look by scrolling the calendar of the Host we want to contact:

The dates crossed out in red iindicate the Host’s unavailability during that period because they are absent, busy with other actiivities, or do not have any vacancy. It is therefore better to direct our potential request to periods “in black” or “in orange” see article

Calendar with red dates when the host does NOT accept visits
Calendar with red dates when the host does NOT accept visits

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