How to use the Calendar – guide for WWOOFers

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a useful featur for communication between WWOOFers and Hosts

The new platform allows you to find hosts available in a given time period.
This filter is directly visible on the host search page.

Once the period is selected (e.g. 15 September to 6 October), the system reduces the choice to 383 hosts from the initial 694.

We can then avoid writing to hosts that are already busy at that time and avoid to overhelm the flow of messages.

At this point you can activate further filter modes on the basis of e.g. activity and location by clicking on the ‘More filters’ button to open the advanced filter. Read more in the article here

Opening the Host’s tab

When we open the host’s tab to learn more about his/her activities, on the right-hand side we see the availability calendar for the current month and not that of the chosen period (unless we are trying to do a ‘last minute’ search, which is mostly to avoid).

We can find the following scenarios:

The brown dates are those that indicate the availability of the host not hosting other WWOOFers at that time

The dates highlighted in orange indicate that the host at that time has already made arrangements with other WWOOFers. We can still make enquiries because the host may still be available to accept other WWOOFers.

Dates crossed out in red indicate the inability of the host to accept during that period because he/she is absent, busy with other activities or “full” in terms of availability. This is the scenario that is avoided through the first filter that we have activated, but which can be found in other periods.

Calendar with orange dates highlighting WWOOF visits
Calendar with orange dates highlighting WWOOF visits
Calendar with red dates when the host does NOT accept visits
Calendar with red dates when the host does NOT accept visits

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