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also check that everything is in order for anyone accompanying you

Anyone travelling with you, who is not a regular member, is not protected by the associative pact nor from the legal and insurance standpoint

Both Hosts and WWOOFers are members of the same Association

Respect and sharing of common rules and respective roles are thus ensured

The legality of the exchange relationship is guaranteed and for WWOOFers, insurance coverage for possible accidents is provided

While fully respecting your right to travel with whomever you wish, friends, partners or family; we suggest that if you have an interest in being protected by the membership pact, you remember that WWOOF Italy is an Association and therefore membership is necessarily individual.

The Association facilitates, monitors and assists Members before during and after the course of their activities.

The payment of the membership fee is the seal of this protected relationship.

If you have any questions, please write to or call 351 0810820

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