Seeking person interested in learning the art of propagating traditional fruits

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a valuable experience not to be wasted

For years I have been running a nursery in Brivio (Lecco, Italy) where I promote the rediscovery of traditional ancient varieties of fruit plants and the preservation of the now dying rural culture based on respect for nature, sustainability and product quality. As a grafter, I propose traditional local varieties that are often forgotten and fast disappearing, preferring taste and organoleptic quality instead of commercial productivity. In my collection I have more than 400 varieties of apple trees, a variety of other cultivars of known fruit species, forgotten fruits that are part of the peasant tradition, and numerous ornamental plants among the most fascinating. I would be happy to pass on the knowledge for the production and management of these varieties, which were selected on a human and environmental scale by a culture that cared about quality of life, before they disappear as a social, cultural and natural heritage in danger of being lost.

They are looking for a person who is highly motivated to learn the art and eventually take over the business.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide hospitality, so the person, if not residing in the area, will need to be able to self-manage during the apprenticeship period.

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