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Tularù is looking for an operator(s) for the Nature School and Outdoor camp!

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The commitment required is from June 18 to July 14

🌳As every year, the summer event with Nature School (children 6-10 years old) and OUTDOOR returns.

CAMP (boys 11-14) at Tularù, an experience of growth, learning and fun immersed in the


🙌For this edition. we are looking for an operator to expand and enrich our team. The ideal candidate is a flexible and responsible person who loves nature and is eager to play with children, can adapt to changes and unexpected events, and can communicate clearly and kindly.

🌟We greatly appreciate those who make a personal contribution to the activities that are carried out at Tularù: so give room for creativity and welcome new proposals! If you have a talent or a project you would like to do with and for little ones, this is the place for you!

🙂Previous experience is preferred, but not mandatory, as the person we are looking for will OBLIGATELY have to participate in a training course that will be held in two meetings:

👉 April 14 in Tularu with the Manes Association

👉May 12/13/14 at CenciCasaLab (Amelia)

The required commitment is from June 18 to July 14 with availability to work both shifts and full time, to

depending on the weeks.

🖲To apply, send CV with photo to by April 11.

For more information:

Giulia (389/0036881) – Alessandra (347/1077789)

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