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We are looking for a willing Family

by | Apr 5, 2023 | Classifieds, Houses and Plots of Land, job requests and offers

By Management, and possible redemption of the activity in the Cottian Alps.

We are a small reality’ Montana located in the Cottian Alps at Mt.1,100, composed of BB and Association

We are looking for a willing Family for Management, and eventual redemption of the business’ that has been conducted by us over the years.
We have had very good experiences with woofers, but currently we need to create a stable tenure perspective.
Participatory resourcefulness is required, which also with our help , if welcomed , will create improved outlets for future targeted actions. Serious motivation, dedication required. Many other initiatives, even different from the current setting in the work environment, can be generated for the livelihood of the business’.

Contact Fabrizio 3479842945

bella baita

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