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experiences with the land, human relationships, animals, and everything to do with self-sufficiency and anti-consumerism


Since the summer of 2000, Seminasogni has been circulating in the homes of new citizens who have fled the cities to rediscover their roots, but also of citizens who would like to do so or otherwise feel connected in some way. It is a quarterly journal that I put together with contributions from friends, readers, and anyone who wants to collaborate with writings, poems, drawings. Occasionally I have published writings of both traveling and hosting wofers. The subjects are those dear to WWOOF and that is your experiences with the land, human relationships, animals, and everything to do with self-sufficiency and anti-consumerism.


I love you pious hoe, you teach me bowing to the earth
To live by joyful labor without waste or war.
The hard iron in which swords and cannons are forged
In you he becomes a humble instrument dispenser of life and gifts.
Here is an ancient tool originating from ancient times
Legacy of our ancestors who were devoted to the land
a slow and tiring implement, not as powerful as a tractor,
but that leaves room for the mind and can cultivate the heart as well.


Write it on A4 size sheets leaving a 1.5 cm margin on all sides. Handwriting should be compact and readable with black pen or computer. If the handwriting is unclear we will recopy the text. It occupies space well so that more people can express themselves within the allotted 28 pages.


Send 20 eur as annual subscription – 4 issues, on PostePay no. 5333.1711.6824.7357 made out to Rosario Colaci. Then send a text or phone to notify of the deposit made to 338.8685427 (Felice). New subscribers will also send their address. Please note: when making the deposit, please specify your first name, last name and reason for payment so that we can identify you.


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