Couple of travelers with hen. WWOOFers or friends?

Couples, families or groups are welcome but….

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some advice to anyone not traveling alone

Have you chosen WWOOFing as an adventures to be experienced as a couple, with a group of friends, or with your children?

WWOOFing in pairs or groups can be an enriching experience if your host has adequate space and great pleasure in sharing.

As a WWOOFer, however, you need to remember that in order to have a legal and insurance coverage, every adult who intends to carry out activities on the farm must be regularly registered as a member and have his or her own membership card.

Those who don’t have a valid membership in place cannot be considered as WWOOFers. Of course they can travel with you, but you should be aware that they will not have the legal and insurance coverage of WWOOF Italy to carry out WWOOFing activities in compliance with the law.

N.B: important news on the website!

Starting March 25, 2024 as a WWOOFer you have the possibility to create a dual account and contact hosts through your shared profile.

On the dual profile you must indicate the first and last names of both WWOOFers to let the hosts know that you are both regular members.

For details visitè-un-iscrizione-di-coppia


What it means to be a regularly registered member of the association

WWOOF Italia is an Association. Those who join gain membership status and can choose from a variety of roles.

The relationship between Members is equal while respecting the different roles and allowing a smooth exchange in pursuit of the common purpose of “promoting the development of natural agriculture as a lifestyle choice and the dissemination of ideas and practices for a healthy balance between man and nature.”

When you respect the Status and Rules of the Association, the legality of your WWOOFing relationship is guaranteed.

Legal Coverage

For this reason, it is important to be in good standing and to keep a copy of the Membership Card on hand to prove adherence to the Membership Covenant to authorities should the need arise and for mutual protection in the relationship between Members.

It may happen that in the middle of the stay at a Host’s, that the authorities carry out a control of regularity on the farm.

Be prepared to be able to demonstrate your membership in WWOOF Italy APS by appropriately describing its purpose.

Details on the Labour inspection visits

Insurance coverage

WWOOF Italia volunteers have insurance coverage for the risks associated with their activities in the educational centers run by the Hosts.

See the insurance section directly at

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