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Lands of the Blues – the market

by | Jun 16, 2023 | Associative life, from our networks, Initiatives, On the Ground

Borgiallo Blues Festival makes room for community relationships

The Blues Lands Market is a side project of the Borgiallo Blues Festival held annually in Borgiallo (TO) on the second Saturday in July.
This year we would like to give this market a social slant as well, creating moments of “free cultural exchange ” among participants and between participants and the public.

Some of the invited companies are actively participating in wwoofing as hosts, all of them practicing a type of unconventional, small-scale and land-related agriculture, trying to create relationships and community around it. This has positive spillover effects on the mountainous or hilly, so-called marginal territories in which these farms are located, which are experienced year-round, managed and safeguarded.

Thanks to WWOOF Italy over the years we have hosted people from all over the world, who would never otherwise have come to know about our small reality. We would like to start “hosting” through the agriculture days also the hosts themselves, near or far from us, to discuss the many issues: economic sustainability of small farms, depopulation and abandonment of the territories and ways to take real action x reverse the course, solutions to deal with the climate crisis that as farmers we experience firsthand.

This year’s market is intended to be a “testing ground” within the music festival, to test the waters and forge relationships. We think that the WWOOF Italy community is the ideal one to “attract” interested people (farms or wwoofers ).


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