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A window on the Pergola School Garden.

by | Jul 11, 2023 | from our networks, On the Ground, Projects of WWOOF Italy

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It is with great pleasure that we return to celebrate the achievements of our friends in Pergola .

A few weeks ago we unveiled the end-of-school-year party that would mark the June 6 transition of the School Garden project to new life: from food production to seed production for the local community.

Teacher Federica and “our” Paolo Ciarimboli are among the founders of this initiative and are the ones who most often involved us in the wonder of the educational discoveries that the garden activities were producing.

We have been following and supporting the development of activities with great satisfaction, and today we are happy that local representatives are also returning to realize the value of the achievements and prospects created with passion and educational consistency.

In the film we present, having done due tare to the centrality of sponsors, the 4th graders, teacher Federica, Paolo and other witnesses who experienced the project firsthand, manage to restore the value of the long journey made and project it into the future.

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