Should I confirm the arrangements with the hosts?

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Of course it is! The relationship is based on mutual trust! 😀

Complaints are frequent from Host Members who do not receive updates on WWOOFer programs. Rarely it is due to technical problems, sometimes due to too many requests sent, often it is unfortunately poor attention to the relationship with people.

It’s nice to be welcomed and establish a trusting relationship with those who open their doors to you.

Scheduling anxiety may push you away from continuing correspondence on agreements you do not want to confirm.

It may seem time consuming and unnecessary making efforts to show attention to Host Members to whom you have asked for hospitality but decided not to visit. However it should be a fair and right thing.

Dedicating a few minutes to polite denial responses or to alert hosts about a change in schedule is not that difficult and avoids you getting known as a WWOOFer that won’t show up.

For any difficulties you can always contact


Hosts are also not responding!


This is surely the first instinctive response that comes into your mind. Imitating unwelcome behaviors doesn’t solve the problem!

From the Hosts you have to expect a little more difficulty in spending time on the site and on emails: they are dedicated to their hoe much more than to their devices!!! 👩‍🌾🍆🥕🥬

To have an idea of the frequency hosts reply with just keep an eye on the rating on percentages and response times which is visible on the profile of each host.

What happens if you don’t respond right away?

Replying as soon as possible will help both yourself and hosts in maintaining commitments. A good care of correspondence will enhance the quality of the relationship and collaboration.

When does a non-response become serious?

Once the Host has accepted the request, you need to pay attention: if you confirm the agreement then the host will expect you to fulfill the commitment made, unless any motivated unforeseen contingencies occur. In case the Hosts accepts your visit request but you decide not to confirm it, you’d rather send an explicit message to the host about not arrivnig at their place. In this way they won’t expect you and they can make arrangements with other WWOOFers for the requested period. Failure to show up for the confirmed appointment is in any case unacceptable.


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