Where do I go in September?

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maybe first in Florence and then I’ll harvest in Chianti? Or am I expected in Sicily for pomegranates?

A long succession of accepted requests. That’s fine!

The first requests were not successful, what to do next?

Keeping appointments in order will help you to take stock, canceling in time those that cannot be kept and arranging travel so that you can notify on time the hosts that expect you of the date and time of your arrival..

It is good practice to keep your messages in order, maintaining in front those accepted and confirmed, in archive those expired or declined. In this way you’ll be sure to avoid overlapping or misunderstandings and can have a more enjoyable overall experience

All messages also arrive in the mailbox used to register your profile: however spending some time checking messages on the site will help you to avoid problems.

For any difficulties you can always contact


When requests are accepted

Once you reached an agreement with a host about each other’s motivations and expectations and the visit details, the host will express their approval by using the “Accept” button at the bottom of the page.

The WWOOFer’s confirmation

Once the request is accepted, it is your turn to use the “Confirm” button. Having completed this step, the agreement is formally concluded and both you and the host can feel committed. Please don’t forget to cancel the visit requests made that you are unable to keep. even if not confirmed.


Over time, messages accumulate and reading them can become complicated unless you adopt a few small strategies


As you can see from this picture, it is possible, using the windows on the top left, to do a search by name, or by ‘status’. Opening that window you can select the messages ‘unanswered’, ‘pending’, ‘accepted’ etc. and also, by clicking on the small icon with three horizontal bars, you can see if there is any message that you have not yet read or select the archive in which you have placed the messages that you think it would be useful not to see on the general page.

Messages are added or removed from the archive using the window that opens by clicking on the three vertical dots at the top right of the picture.

How to send a second request to a host

When a first request has failed or you have completed a first experience with a host and want to open a new request you will find yourself on the same page as the previous conversation-don’t be discouraged!

Simply change the dates used for the previous request by entering the new ones. A conversation about the new proposal will begin.

Find the directions for the change given in the following image.


Pubblicato da Claudio per WWOOF Italia

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Rassecale, the story

At Rassecale (Mirabella Eclano, AV) we were welcomed by a young community, now undergoing renovation but still with many projects to come: Marco and Pauline are running their wonderful vegetable garden, Marina has moved from Spain to help with the animals. Arrived here as a WWOOFer, her story is a testimonial of how impactful our association can be on agricultural practice and people’s life.