WWOOF international meeting in Canada_2023

A glimpse at the international WWOOF meeting

by | Oct 12, 2023 | Messages from the Association, WWOOF in the World

Canada, September 14-18, 2023

How do you imagine the worldwide WWOOF gathering after a long break of 9 years?

At a small nature center, a WWOOF host in Canada, among rammed earth cottages, a few yurts and wooden huts, scattered in a majestic forest on the shore of a small lake… A colorful group of people, arrived from all parts of the world, to bring their identities that build the great kaleidoscope that is the WWOOF community… More than 40 participants who represented as many as 20 countries. Some of them have known each other for a long time, and for them it was a joyful reunion after long years. Others joined the group more recently and finally had a chance to meet colleagues live, not on a computer screen. Everyone felt immediately at home, during the intense discussions as well as in the festive moments. The big WWOOF family together again.

From Italy arrived a small group: Stana, Eszter, Gabriele and Francesco brought their experience as members of the board, staff and local coordination of WWOOF Italy, along with Basil, who officially was not part of the Italian delegation but was present as the FoWO coordinator.

The voice of WWOOF Itay, to enrich the Federation with our experiences, and the heart of WWOOF Italy, open to receive input from participants and ready to bring the energy of the group back home.

What was discussed?

A very dense agenda, so many topics already covered through the various virtual tools, but being able to talk about them verbally was a further enriching opportunity.

Apart from the last hour, which was dedicated to formal votes to approve the budget and elect the FoWO board, no formal decisions were made during the four-day meeting. This meeting was simply a place to take stock of where we have come so far, and a time to think about the future, sharing ideas, insights, strategies, charting a direction for the WWOOF movement in the world.

The meeting confirmed that the diverse but united WWOOF community is stronger than ever and that the desire for cross-country collaboration is growing by the day.

Pubblicato da Eszter per WWOOF Italia

come staff di WWOOF Italia mi dedico alle relazioni internazionali e sono consigliera della Federazione delle Organizzazioni WWOOF (FoWO). Per contattarmi: eszter.matolcsi@wwoof.it


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WWOOF international meeting in Canada_2023