Doodling on the climate problem

by | Nov 28, 2023 | from our networks

An original point of view by Aldo Zanchetta

Aldo is part of the group that through the blog Camminardomandando is mainly involved in translating and publishing articles and texts Of “Indo-Latin” voices from Abya Yala, that is, from that continent improperly referred to as “Latin American” but also, in some cases, to give space to original texts akin to the publishers’ cultural (and militant) interests.

We contributed at the time to the dissemination of a text important to us “Who will feed us” : The theme of confronting peasant and agro-industrial agriculture is not entirely foreign to the project we present in these pages: we have published in recent weeks a call for reading of the text by Charles Eisenstin which offers novel and interesting insights to the climate debate.

In this case it is Aldo Zanchetta who offers us a summary of a “heretical” elaboration of a research he wanted to conduct on the topic of global warming:

This text had started as a series of three writings submitted to a group of people to invite them to reflect on the climate problem, which has become a source of heated debate, instrumental use and great fear in recent times. Friends who run a couple of sites asked me to rewrite it in a unified form, and in doing so, while keeping the content, I took the opportunity to improve the form and to add two or three little things. As I point out later, I am not a scientific expert on a subject that (appropriating a joke not my own) is too important to be left in the hands of the experts, who are specialists who know more and more every day about a smaller and smaller slice of a problem, ending up knowing everything–about nothing.


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