Re.Semina: fundraising campaign for flooded Romagna

by | Dec 16, 2023 | from our networks, Initiatives, On the Ground

Blows of Earth for Romagna

SOFFIDITERRA continues its work to support small, earth-friendly farmers in Romagna who have seen their fields devastated by landslides and floods this spring. Since May, it has become a necessity for Elena Campacci, founder of the association, to roll up her hands to help try to come out of the emergency together.

“The Ri.Semina project was born spontaneously in the mud when we, we from Soffiditerra and other friends, found ourselves moving buckets of mud and furniture after the flood of May 2023.
How can we remain passive and silent in the face of such a disaster, both human and environmental?”

The emergency is not over

We had already reported on this initiative in the summer: in the meantime, the mapping activity has been completed and some 30 realities put in particular difficulty by the spring weather events have been identified. Financial support has already come to some of them, thanks to funds arrived through the collection campaign. With the media hype extinguished, the need to rebuild an area, affected in its physicality as much as in its soul, remains unchanged. There are still so many realities that need a helping hand in order to get back on their feet: any help, from financial contribution to spreading this appeal, will be valuable.

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