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Week of mobilization against new GMOs.

by | Apr 5, 2024 | from our networks, Initiatives

Elizabeth from Folgaria launches the appeal to WWOOF Members.

A first national initiative came out of the conference Changing the Field.

Plans for a week of mobilization against new GMOs. Flyers have been prepared for distribution that week at Campagna Amica markets, other markets and supermarkets.

It is important to spread it to all members!

“From our round of resonance after Rome, it became clear that there was a willingness to network at the local level, trying to connect farmers and consumers/managers, and in general all the actors in the food supply chain interesting in supporting peasant agriculture. The idea is for a kind of assembly/movement, which can also promote some action on the ground; we also look forward to what is happening at the national level. We’ll be updating on this in late summer with the idea of launching a ‘call’ in the fall.”

Meanwhile, the first opportunity to do something together is the mobilization against the new GMOs (TEA) at the end of April.


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