Hedge seed drill course

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Dedicated to WWOOF Italy APS Members – limited seating

From September 8 to 10, 2023, WWOOF Italy APS thanks to the commitment and collaboration of the working group for the custody of the ecology of the land promotes the Seminapi Prima Tappa (SPT) course.

The purpose of the course is to promote the agroecological training* of members, who will then oversee its dissemination** within the WWOOF movement

*Training in the agriculture that interests us most: that which guards the ecology of the land by accommodating crops among hedges, trees, water, meadows, and rocks.
**Diffusion implementation of hedge planting on WWOOF farms.

The Land Ecology Custodial Working Group has been active within the association for several years now. Through perseverance in their work and the ability to give back their practices, the themes promoted by the group have been accepted and shared by the Members’ Assembly, winning spaces for participation such as the Seminasiepi project, of which this course is a part.

Participation in the course is reserved for members of WWOOF Italy APS already duly registered at the time of publication of this text.

Seminasiepi First Stage will be held from September 8 to 10 at the farm Caprasanta in Alta Val di Taro (PR).

Course instructor Enrico Bocchi, nurseryman and host of WWOOF Italy.

The main objective of the course is to train in the use of seeds from local wild woody flora to increase the presence of hedgerows between crops and thus increase the exposure of crops to nature.

These videos represent the inspiration of the course themes.

The program of this edition of Seminasiepi First Stage:

September 8

Area reconnaissance, plant identification, seed collection;

September 9

Part A, preparation of seeds and their destinations;
Part B, mulches for a vegetable garden, including live mulch;

September 10

Visit to the nearby WWF oasis of Ghirardi, and farmers’ market of the Alta Val di Taro Small Producers Association.

Arrivals and departures at Caprasanta will be possible on the evening of September 7 and the morning of September 11, respectively.

Apply to participate !

Applications are open until May 31

The costs of the stay and educational activities will be entirely borne by WWOOF Italy, participants will be left with travel expenses

Based on the applications received, the board of WWOOF Italy and the members participating in the Working Group for the Custody of Land Ecology will make a selection of up to 7 members to participate in the course at their sole discretion.
The course may be cancelled if there are not enough applications deemed satisfactory.
The aspects by which selection will be evaluated will mainly concern motivation, experience, and prospects for outreach to Members.
During the selection process, advisors and working group members reserve the right to contact candidate members directly for purposes of further study.

For more in-depth information on the work camp topic or the project.

hedges and vegetable gardens at Land and Water

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