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let’s learn how to use search filters to best experience the WWOOFing adventure

When registering their profile, Hosts list a number of characteristics of their living and working conditions. There are a variety of strategies for you to contact Hosts that will probably best suited to satisfy your personal curiosities and interests.

The keyword search makes it remarkably effective to locate Educational Centers where activities and lifestyles that match the interests of the moment are carried out.

The availability calendar is the main filter

Of course you shouldn’t choose a host solely because it has a vacancy, but it is equally true that you need to plan you travels during the period you have available. For this reason the availability calendar is one of the most frequently used tool. When you use the calendar you will only see hosts appear in your search results that are available during the dates that you have selected. In this way you won’t send visit requests to hosts that cannot host you in those dates.


How to get to the Availability Calendar and how to manage it

Once you enter the proflo with username and password here is what you see

At this point you can rely on the instructions on this page.

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