The Way of Change

by | Dec 16, 2023 | from our networks, Initiatives, Training

The first academy inspired by the “Way of the Circle” in Italy

From Italia che Cambia ‘s News Letter we receive news of a “path of personal and spiritual evolution dropped into practice that, through concrete and constant work, both individual and group, makes one bring change into one’s daily life .

Drawing inspiration from the core values and tools of the Circle Way, this path is a journey that begins with genuine contact with self, moves through the perception of inner truth, and extends to the creation of a new world based on authentic and transformative values.

A three-year circular journey in which we focus on theinterconnectedness of all things, promoting balance and contact with the most genuine parts of self, an immersion in personal authenticity that allows us to discover who we really are.”

This year it will be possible to try the first two modules and then consider whether to continue the course at:

– l’ ecovillage Living Time in Bettola (PC) on Jan. 27-28 ’24 (I module) and Feb. 24-25 ’24 (II module)

The Rosmarino Farm in Marcon (Ve) on Jan. 20-21 ’24 (I module) and Feb. 17-18 ’24 (II module)


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