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Vag61 – Spazio Libero Autogestito
Via Paolo Fabbri, 110, Bologna, BO


Oct 17 2022


8:30 pm

Agroecology as a response to the climate crisis

Food choices are our revolution to make the earth survive:
together we claim that public institutions support peasant agriculture and small local distribution!
How does the prevailing production model work? Where does food production take place? And who earns it? We can think of rejecting this model and radically changing the system to move towards a real ecological, energy and technological transition, keeping together policies that respect the environment, work, people’s lives, water and energy supplies. ?
During this meeting, we intend to tackle a complex issue together: can agroecology take care of the soil and of people? In which way? What kind of impact does an agroecological vision have on the environment and work? Can peasant agriculture reverse the destructive trend of agro-business and the capitalist financialization of agricultural activities, which led us to the climate emergency?
We talk about it with:
Giovanni Dinelli – University of Bologna
Donato Nuzzo – Cooperative House of Agriculture (LE)
Timothy Raeymaekers – University of Bologna
Mimmo Perrotta – University of Bergamo and editor of “Gli Asini”
Some producers of the Network for Food Sovereignty of Emilia Romagna will be present.
Converge To Insurgent – around # 22october22