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July 29th-August 4th 2013 The free gathering has reached its 9th edition and it has become a real institution with lots of people coming from all over the world. The international summercamp takes place at the eco farm Le Mogli at the foot of the big mountain on the edge of the Abruzzi National Park. The event is completely free and it enjoys a non-commercial nature. The place is only less than two hours south of Rome. Well-connected by buses, trains and highway. From the close by station you can catch a local bus and reach the farm easily. There are also free activities available such as day hike to the waterfall and castle, overnight hike to the top of the mountain, yoga, music, day excursions to the cold lake of Posta Fibreno for a very refreshing swim and to the warmer Barrea lake. In the evening on the weekend we will be going to the local festivals for music and delicious local food. To meet like-minded people who love nature and outdoor activities. Spending quality time together. Cooking, using the wood-burning oven, enjoying beautiful landscape and lots of stars with little light pollution. For more information and for joining the event go to the link below:


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