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MarioMario Gala, shepherd and teacher of life, wanted to leave testimony of his great experience in two simple and concise texts that go directly to the key point. ‘Gesto dell’ombrello’ is also tanslated into English, The Solution. You can purchase all these books on line.


Il gesto dell’ombrello

Il gesto dell’ombrello is a small guide dedicated to those who in a moment of their life decide to make a change and abandon the bonds of the labour market and goods to devote themselves to the art of free self-sufficiency.
What form of freedom is higher than that which allows one to free oneself from need and dependence?
Mario was not naive and he knew well that the road to get closer to freedom can hide a thousand dangers: Il gesto dell’ombrello sviscerates and helps to circumvent them with ingenious simplicity. Some testimonies accompany the text. Italian version.


The Solution

The Solution

This agricultural model, both positive and sustainable, has so deeply fascinated many young people to the point of changing their livers and their future choices. Not being able to host every aspiring farmer, I have decided to write this little handbook dedicated to all those young people wishing to improve their quality of life, wishing to live surrounded by beauty – and who, at the ugly things in life, say “up yours!”



L’amore al tempo del WWOOF

‘Love in the time of the Wwoof’ is a scattering of short stories. In Italian only.

Numerous Wwoofers have passed through the Finocchio Verde farm and many of them have made radical and lasting life choice.
Mario describes to us from his privileged point of observation some of these stories often happy, sometimes suffered, full of love and satisfaction.

The story does not end here: Mario has left us prematurely but has not forgotten to leave us a legacy of pleasant tasks to do that will produce texts that are equally useful and lasting over time.

He also gave us copies of the books you find for sale and all the proceeds will be dedicated to the solidarity fund for farms in crisis.


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