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How old do you need to be to WWOOF?
To join WWOOF Italy you must be at least 18 years old.

Can I use the membership card for WWOOF Italy to WWOOF in other countries?
No, the WWOOF Italy Association represents and covers only WWOOFers and hosts in Italy. To WWOOF abroad visit www.wwoof.net to find the websites of other countries.

I am not European, do I need a visa?
WWOOFing is a voluntary activity and does not require a visa if you stay in Europe for less than 90 days. It is difficult to extend your stay. For information on visas visit:



Do the hosts only speak Italian?
The majority of hosts are Italian: many also speak other languages, the atmosphere is geared towards to cultural exchange. It is stated on the individual farms description which languages they speak.

How can I pay the registration fee?
You can pay online with a credit or debit card, you can also pay by bank transfer (an expensive option) or in the post office (in these two cases you need to send a copy of the payment by e mail to the office).

Is there is a discount for couples traveling together?
No, the membership fee is individual.

Can I travel with my children?
WWOOF Italy does not put limits on people who want to travel with their children but individual hosts might have problems of space, safety or tranquility. Always check and make arrangements before going to the farm.
In the keyword search on the on line list you can search for hosts that welcomes children.

Can I travel with my dog?
Not all farms can accommodate dogs or other animals: especially if they have dogs, sheep or other livestock on the farm already.

Do I need to send a photo?
Yes, you can upload it from your computer when you fill out the membership form.

How do I receive the card?
It is sent only by e-mail in PDF format. If you pay online you will receive your card at the end of the registration process. Print it and keep it safely.

I’m a member, now what do I do?
Using the username and password you chose when you joined you can log in to the website. You will then have access to the map and the list of farms with all their contact details and can choose the one best suited to your interests.

How do I check the entry of a host member?
Farms which are no longer members are removed from the list online. You need to check the list on line: if you can not connect to the internet you can call the office.

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Can I leave at once?

First you must make arrangements with the farm you wish to go to: the farms are not hotels. Farms have many commitments and few places. If you arrive without warning you risk finding that the farm is full, or that no one is at home
Use the contacts on the list, write an e-mail, a letter or telephone. Explain who you are, what you can do and what your interests are. A good dialogue is essential for a good experience.

How will I be accommodated?
Every farms offers different situations but you will find accommodation, shared meals and whatever you need for daily life. You should bring, in addition to your personal effects, suitable work clothes (boots, waterproof jackets, old clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty etc …). You may have to sleep in a tent or caravan and is a good idea to travel with a sleeping bag, flashlight and towel.
Always remember to let the host know your dietary requirements, allergies or intolerances: these will be taken into account as far as possible.

How should I behave?
It is important to be responsible, courteous and non-invasive. Remember also that many hosts live lifestyles and follow particular philosophies, this should not be an obstacle but an opportunity for inner growth, confront them with curiosity.

What are my duties?
It depends. The member farms are very diverse although all practice natural agriculture. They go from a large agritourism to simple farms, to urban vegetable gardens. The needs are different in each case: check the list carefully. Do not forget that it is essential that you participate in daily life (washing dishes, cleaning, cooking, looking after the children and so on). Your tasks will be determined by your interests and the needs of the hosts: as well as the needs and difficulty of the work, jobs should be arranged in a flexible manner, considering your physical abilities and your preferences. There will always be something to do, WWOOFing is not a holiday!

How many hours will I work?
WWOOF Italy is an association of volunteers, there is no contract nor a number of hours to be respected. Remember that you’re going to share a lifestyle, a project, not to pay room and board for a few hours of work. Every job and every season require different commitments and you will have free time for yourself, to rest and visit the territory. Before you leave be informed about what there will be to do.

I’ve never been in the countryside before: is this a problem?
No, you are here to learn but do not expect to be followed consistently. It may happen that you do certain jobs by yourself: if you think you’re not up to this challenge don’t worry, hosts do not expect expertise, but interest and enthusiasm!

Can I drive a tractor?
Absolutely not. Just as you cannot use any motorized agricultural tools. If you were to use them it would be a serious violation of the rules: and in the case of an accident you would not be covered by the Insurance.

What is included in the insurance?
The cost of the policy is included in the membership fee (about €13 of the €35 total). It provides basic cover which is valid for one year from the day of registration: it only covers you whilst you are on a registered WWOOF italia farm. Liability for injury or damage to property or persons. Visit the insurance page on the website for more details http://www.wwoof.it/en/info-utili-2/documentation/46-insurance.html.

I can no longer go WWOOFing: what do I do?
Having made arrangements is important to respect the dates or at least to communicate promptly if you have changed plans. It is extremely bad manners not to inform hosts of any changes to your plans.

I have lost my card, I do not remember when it expires … what now?
 The office can always re-send your card by email. Remember your membership lasts 12 months and you have to renew it if you wish continue traveling.

How do I renew my card?
Just repeat the on-line registration and print the card with the new number. We will be happy to have you back!

If there is a problem how can I resolve it?
Often problems arise from small misunderstandings, which can often be resolved with a calm talk with the host. If this incompatibility is, in your opinion, irresolvable, remember that you can always leave. If you decide to leave, let your host know in good time. If you feel that you need to it is important to report the problem in writing to complaint@wwoof.it.

Can I WWOOF only for the weekend?
It will be difficult to find someone willing to host you for only two days. You can try to make a commitment to a farm for at least 3 or 4 consecutive weekends.

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