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In 2013 WWOOF Italia commissioned 1500 T-shirts and 750 bags made of pure organic cotton, printed with a watercolor motif created for the occasion by our members Suzie and Phelan Black. Whoever wears these items helps to sustain and build the organic cultivation of fiber plants and of an ethical organic fair trade company that makes products that last. WWOOF Italia collaborates in the organization and promotion of this initiative.

Farmers from Tanzania

The raw material is cotton which is produced using organic cultivation methods, this guarantees respect for the environment, workers’ health and the well-being of the consumer.

Becotton purchases these raw materials from Fair Trade producers, and artisans in Italy make the T-shirts and bags.

Artisans in Biella

By choosing small scale manufacturers, artisans and social cooperatives, the Becotton product recounts each stage of it’s making through its traceable and transparent supply chain. The story of a product is an integral part of the product itself. 

To purchase on line

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tel.015 980293

WWOOF ltalia:

All the colours of the world with neither exploitation nor oppression.

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