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VieWwoof (“Wwoof routes”) is a project that has been supported by Wwoof Italy, in partnership with Ammappalitalia, the aim of which is to promote and facilitate a sustainable mobility that enables people to gain knowledge about and take care of the surrounding territory.
By mapping routes that can only be travelled on foot, by bicycle and with animals, VieWwoof is creating a network that connects Wwoof hosts between each other, to public-transport hubs and to nearby towns.
The mapping and fruition of these routes are based on some free and simple tools. By using the Ammappalitalia website anyone can take part in adding new or finding existing Wwoof routes. So far 525 routes have already been added to the Ammappalitalia website and over one hundred twenty of these involve Wwoof hosts in 13 regions across the country.
We are expecting this network of routes to become widespread and encourage a viable alternative to private motorized transport and complement existing touristic, recreational or spiritual itineraries. 
This project offers an infrastructure that wishes to aid a more sustainable society, with new types of economy and ways of working, than those that are currently dominant. 
At the following link there is a summary of the activities undertaken so far. 

If you wish to collaborate with us on this project please write to Wwoof Italy members can use the forum on the main website once have logged in.
How the map works

The map below enables you to view all the routes on the Ammappalitalia database.
The so called VieWoof are in green while the itineraries that connect towns and villages are in red
In order to view the routes enlarge the map and click on the individual lines (they become blue when selected).
By selecting one of these lines you will gain access to the folders that contain a detailed description and the necessary information you will need to follow for any given route. The folder also contains technical information such as: location, length, difficulty, height gain etc…
From each one of these folders you can download and print the descriptions of the route and the gpx data if you are using a GPS device.
In order to view start and arrival points click on the dots at the two ends of each line.
Information about potential hosting on farms is visible to members on the “restricted area” in the Wwoof Italy website.


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