An opportunity for enthusiasts and winemaker apprentices

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An opportunity for enthusiasts and winemaker apprentices
Maurizio Caffer in Villamiroglio is preparing to plant a hectare of vineyard.

It ‘a great opportunity for those who wish to learn the theory and technique of the plant a vineyard or otherwise to participate in one of the following phases:

It will be fieldwork with learning moments about the theory of related technical systems and to the management of a young vineyard.


We are in the process of planting a further 1 hectare of vineyard and we need some help for the following tasks in the coming months:

– March: plant each vine by hand (with the “forchetta”).

– April: plant the chestnut posts and plant the anchors at the beginning and at the end of each row.

– May: install the top and bottom metal wires and plant the bamboo supports for each vine.

– June: Summer prune.

– July: install the second a third metal wire, completion of the vineyard.

We can host 2 – 3 people at a time from 1 to 3 weeks. Contact us at – Azienda Caffer, Villamiroglio (AL), Piedmont


Maurizio Caffer

Via Alemanno 9

Villamiroglio (AL) 15020


Tel. +39 0142947164 o +39 333 1930381


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