Associative workshop: from 21 to 24 November c/o the GAT of Scansano

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Where and when?

from Thursday 21 November afternoon and until Sunday 24 early afternoon we will be at Podere Le Piane 158 MURCI, 58054 Murci – Scansano GR for a special meeting of the enlarged WWOOF Italia council.

Enlarged?   Certainly, enlarged.

Starting from December 2016, a process of rethinking and relaunching the WWOOF Italia vision and the concrete implications that this rethinking can bring to the organization of the association’s management and planning activities began. Above all in view of the generational change in the council and staff and of the ever greater influence that the FoWO International Federation could have on future choices.

The days will be experienced as a moment of free exchange on the perception that each of the participants has of the current reality of WWOOF Italia and of the ideal and practical perspectives that the association will face in the coming years.

Naturally there will also be space to discuss the organization of the work of the council and the staff but not without having shared areas of more general thought and action, linked to the associative life and the evolution of cultural and social relations in the national and international society in which WWOOF Italia life finds space.

In fact, there are more and more opportunities to build networks with other associations and movement realities

How much is our association able to adapt its organizational structure, without making it too heavy and fragile,

Does any coordinator have an interest in engaging in this dynamic of elaboration (and then management)? Is there any long-term member who, despite not having engaged in coordination activities, feels the need to engage in the growth of the association?

Get in touch in time: the chosen location does not allow us to host large numbers, but a few more heads are certainly welcome!

Attached is the program of the days and the article of the WWOOF Italy Statute dedicated to the aims of the association. These are in Italian, if you are interested to have a translation let Bridget know


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