News for WWOOFers on the new common platform of the International Federation of WWOOF Organisations (FoWO) – prepare for change

da | Dic 9, 2019 | News

The moment of passage is approaching! A long journey of collaboration undertaken by a large number of national WWOOF organizations will bring us, starting from early in the new year, on the common platform managed by FoWO – Federation of WWOOF Organizations.

The contacts between members will be – together with other important features – the first to be transferred.

This is a first fundamental step towards the internationalization of the WWOOF movement.

WWOOFers will finally have a profile that will allow for easier interaction. Prepare yourself in time with a presentation text, photos and videos that can represent your life experience.

The main photo of your profile must be similar to a passport photo clearly showing your face.

WWOOFer profile.jpg

You will then have the opportunity to present yourself more effectively, but also to establish relationships with WWOOF Italia members, be they hosts, wwoofers, coordinators or simply associates.

You will have a folder where the messages you exchange (from the launch on exclusively through the site) will be stored so as not to lose the thread of the conversations and you will also have the possibility to leave a comment on the wwoofing experiences that you will have.

In short, a series of innovations that should allow for a richer and more varied association experience.

Until January 31st, you will continue to find 2019 hosts on the website. Therefore, make sure from now on to make arrangements only with hosts who have renewed or who intend to renew their membership.

After switching to the new platform, you can rest assured that the hosts which are visible on the website will already be registered for 2020.

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