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WWOOF Italia became an officially recognised voluntary organisation in June 2001 when the statute was registered and we were added to the list of associations in the province of Livorno.

As such the organisation provides obligatory accident insurance cover for WWOOFers and, providing both host and WWOOFer can produce valid WWOOF Italia membership cards, justifies the presence of a voluntary collaborator on a farm.

The WWOOF Italia list includes biodynamic and organic farms and smallholdings, some hosts live from farming and sell their products while others just want to be self sufficient, or simply to grow their own organic vegetables. WWOOF hosts do not expect that you know a lot about farming when you come, but they do expect you to be willing to learn and fit in with their lifestyle.

Being a member of any other WWOOF organisation e.g., WWOOF UK does not enable you to WWOOF in Italy, and hosts will not accept you. You must be a member of WWOOF Italia to WWOOF here and benefit from the insurance cover. 


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Contadino e Host nello Staff WWOOF Italia mi occupo della comunicazione e delle relazioni tra soci. Per contatti o per proporre nuovi contenuti webmaster@wwoof.it

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