The Animal Traction meeting at Mondeggi Bene Comune – the story of the first day

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The land is not in the best condition but it will still be possible, with some difficulty, to demonstrate the beauty of animal-traction.

Trucks and vans start to arrive.


I Cocchieri del Chianti mount the coach and Cuculia, the social centre Mondeggi Bene Comune begins to come to life.



in the meantime, the friends of  Arci Asino prepare their spaces



and Rossano warms up with his donkey



Ann, the queen of the street party, meets a few snags but makes her triumphal arrival with the faithful Puccini



while the indefatigable Roberto, the soul of the organization, works with Giancarlo to check that everything is fine before starting the workshops



and finally everyone arrives in the area of the gardens: the demonstrations begin.



they try various tools, some with the donkey and Rossano and a some with Puccini and Ann














there are moments dedicated to children who are accompanied by Cherif to explore the area on a donkey
Cherif does not fail to grapple on while the donkeys rest












many people present try their hand with the machines




















the interested public observes and gets to know the animals




















While the smiling Massimo waits quietly for someone to decide to take a ride on the chariot


and then everyone to the table and to watch the projection  At-trazione Animale  and the films made available by Albano Moscardo

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