Calendar March – With WWOOF I learned: The art of the dairy

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Never say never, never say forever …

After many years of enriching and demanding work in the field of Mag6, of which WWOOF Italia is a member, I felt that I needed a change and to start something new.

But where to start ? How to reinvent yourself after so many years? And so I began to walk between WWOOF hosts and arrived at Carpe Diem in Chiassaia di Loro Ciuffenna (AR).

Here I was able to get really close to goats and dairying: Niccolò and Chiara gave me confidence and opened up their home and … their barn 😉 For two months I took the beautiful goats out to graze in the woods in that land which is still wild – the Pratomagno; Chiara taught me to recognize them, to call them by name, to try to understand them.

With Niccolò the barn was always perfect and the milk arrived in the dairy for transformation into cheese.

I fell in love with it all and I learned a lot: I find it alchemical the transformation of milk into the many forms that it can take: fresh cheese, tome, taleggio, ricotta, etc.

Since then I am still on my travels and I do not know when I will stop.



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