Calendar MAY With WWOOF I learned that family is everywhere

da | Apr 30, 2019 | News


You can meet a girl that only after a week of knowing one another, your heart is opened by sharing secrets, and you feel as if you are her best friend chatting the night away telling secrets, sitting on the terrace.

You can find a WWOOFer like you, with whom you can decorate a Christmas tree and create a makeshift cake pan with a vegetable mill, cooking it in the fireplace and feeling like siblings.

You can find a mother that worries about you, concerned whether or not you are eating enough, who makes you sandwiches for the road, who calls you, who asks if you have arrived safely.

You can find people who make you feel as if you are at home, even when there isn’t hot water and there are mice who share a room with you, Those who make you feel as if it might be better to spend Christmas with them rather than your own relatives.

For all of these reasons, with WWOOF, I have learned that family is much larger than we ever thought.



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