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Rural seed network (Rete semi rurale) is made up of more than 30 associations and since 2007 has represented the values of biodiversity and peasant farming….

Biodiversity and tradition

It opposes that which generates erosion and a loss of diversity and fertility; it sustains recycling, exchanges, development and planting of traditional varieties. It fights against agricultural models based on intensive monoculture and genetically manipulated varieties.

Not only in Italy

Rete Semi Rurali facilitates rural innovation also through     exchange of knowledge between farmers, researchers and enthusiasts.     

It supports national and international decisions, treaties and commitments in favour of rural biodiversity and of peasant agriculture, and also participates in the international Lets Liberate Biodiversity organization- an organization created in 2012 with the objective to coordinate the positions and actions of European networks to encourage, develop and promote the dynamic management of biodiversity on farms and in vegetable gardens.

Rete Semi Rurali adheres to No Patents on Seeds to help oppose the increasing number of patents on plants, seeds and farm animals and their impact on farmers, breeders, innovation and biodiversity.

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