An appeal from Fattoria Gioia, Abruzzo which has once again been hit by exceptional natural events.

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Recently Claudio had occasion to speak with José Maria who after having briefly talked about the situation they are facing told him

‘The biggest problem is not the natural events, as invasive or catastrophic as they are, nor the lack of money that we need, it is the cultural backwardness, the lack of understanding of local administrators who do not realize the very vital importance of agricultural farms in marginal areas.’

Maria Jose asks WWOOF and our members who are willing to give support not to send money to Fattoria Gioia but rather to support the cultural initiatives that she considers essential for a paradigm shift:

FAME d’ERBA: Musica, Arte e (agri)Cultura dall’Appennino per l’Appennino – Pescasseroli (AQ), 2-4 giugno 2017.

You can learn more about this from the Facebook page

or on the Produzioni dal Basso page

On this last page you can directly participate in the fundraiser that in part will still be intended for the purchase of products from Fattoria Gioa.

We invite those who have the ability and desire to participate… WWOOF Italia has made its first contribution.


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