Help WWOOF Togo for an important reforestation project.

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In Togo, especially in the high agricultural production area, deforestation has led to the destruction of 2/3 of the forest.

This imbalance in the environment is now the main cause of the fall in precipitation in the region. This directly affects agricultural production and farmers’ income. This will lead to the total disappearance of the forest in 10 years.

This year the WWOOF Togo Association celebrates its 5th anniversary. Togo’s WWOOF team decided to intervene in favour of the area where the association was founded in 2012.

They want to produce and plant trees in public places (schools, hospitals, etc.) and in surrounding forests. Their goal is to plant and maintain about 5,000 trees this year.

WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities in Organic Farms) is an exchange – in return for volunteer help, WWOOF hosts provide food, accommodation, and the ability to get to know and educate about peoples lifestyles. WWOOF Organizations connect people who want to volunteer in organic or small farms with people who are available to engage in educational exchange with volunteers. The WWOOF movement was born in England in autumn 1971.

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